Lightwaverf Smart Dimmer issue with switched live staying live


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Hi - I have a number of lightwaverf sockets and dimmers installed successfully in the house and connected to the hub and app.

I installed a 4 gang smart dimmer in November last year and it has worked perfectly since. 2 nights ago, the lights linked to one of the gangs came on by themselves in the middle of the night and the switch (physical and on app) didn't change its state - the bulbs remained on regardless of the switch status.

The bulbs are compatible and the load is well within range (i.e. more than minimum, less than maximum). The other gangs continue to work as expected.

Having checked the wiring, it seems the switched live for this gang is now permanently live for some reason which is why the bulbs are now permanently on. It's the switched live output immediately next to the constant live line in. If you change the switched live wires between outputs (e.g. put the switched live from Gang 1 into the faulty permanently on one) it also remains on indicating the issue is with the switch, not the wiring. I have taken a short video of the issue here which I've sent to Lightwave for advice but has anyone experienced this before or has any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,



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Nope, that's the first time I've seen that. And those earths need sleeving!
Hopefully LWRF will replace the dimmer for you. They replaced a Connect series for me without trouble years ago.


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Hi James, have you managed to find a resolution to this? I came to this forum looking for a fix for the exact same problem. 4 gang switch which has been working fine for 6 months, one of them now stuck permanently live so I can’t turn the lights off in my lounge!

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