Question LightWave RF Dimmer switching itself off


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Hi there, I have a LightWave RF system throughout the house from when we moved here. It's worked fine for 5 years but just recently the kitchen light switches itself off the moment you switch it on. Not useful with dark evenings now!

So flicking either of the two dimmer switches on all spotlights immediately go full brightness then immediately switch off. All happens in less than a second. Puzzling because it worked fine for years then this started happening out of nowhere.
I've tried reprogramming but nothing seems to help, also phoned LW helpdesk and they couldnt really help either...


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Can you describe the load that you have on each dimmer (i.e. Type of lamp and how many)?

Have you checked the terminals are tight at the back of the dimmer?

Is the Link still working with this dimmer? The reason I ask this question is when I had a power problem with a double Connect Series socket, this stopped working altogether.

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