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Hi all,

I have several points in my house where there’s 2 gangs and one controls the ceiling LED spot lights and the other controls LED strip lighting.

WIth the GeN 1 switches I would put a relay on the LED strip lights and have to use two separate switches - a dimmer and a remote switch.

With the Gen 2 smart switches as long as one gang has a dimmer connected all 4 gang switches can get their power from here, and I can pair one gang using the app to the relay.

I have no idea why they didn’t just build switching into these switches since the power issue is now resolved.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone has tried connecting a non switchable load to a second gang on the gen 2 switches? What happens?

can soft start be switched off at all? And are they are settings that can control the dim on/off level or manual calibration that might help this work?
I have asked Lightwave to see if they can make a firmware change to enable this but got the usual ‘your feedback is appreciated’ response.

Its the one killer feature that would actually make Lightwave switches do what all other smart switches can’t - no neutral wire, non dimmable switching, without batteries (with the caveat one gang has to be on a dimmable circuit).


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I forgot a couple of other things...

does anyone know any mechanical switches which match the Lightwave range for the points I don’t need smart switches for?
Anyone know any other brand that can do the job or is modular so I could put mechanical switches in the gang that’s for the LED strip lights?


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You can't turn off the soft start/stop. You can calibrate manually to 99-100, although I don't have any circuits that work in this range so I can't tell you what would happen.

LW has a Gen 2 relay although good luck getting hold of one! From memory, during the Black Friday deals they said expect delivery in February, and I had problems getting hold of a stainless 2-gang dimmer for a while. Hmm. However, you can of course control the relay from any other Lightwave device through the Link Plus, in fact you can bring together a whole bunch of circuits in this way.

Something else I haven't tried is powering a dimmer with just live + neutral leaving the switched lives untouched, so it's just a remote. Might be worth a go.


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When I spoke to them they said that as long as one gang has a dimmer, that would power all the other switches on the gang. I could then use the other switches like wireless switches to control whatever I want, eg a relay.

The problem is fitting relays all over the place will be messy and I’d rather not have to do that.

I can’t seem to find any other switches that can do it either. There’s always some issue like all gangs being switch with battery or no switch function at all (all dimmers).
I really wish there was a modular solution where you could slot in manual switches where smart just wot work.

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