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Lights downstairs affecting tv\sound


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Hi guys, I wasnt 100% sure where to put this thread....

Anyways, when somebody downstairs turns on the lights (the long tube types) fluourescent tubes, my sound cuts out for like half a second on my tv.

I have a £50-60 Belkin home theater surge protector, and it still happens.

We had an electrician around a few months back, and he tested everything, and said it was all fine (he tested every socket etc)

Is it the starter motor thing in the lights firing up, that is causing this?

Will it damage any of my equipment (pc\tv\xbox\dvd) ??


Thanks for any help!


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in my experience, lights are generally on a different circuit and a change of current (spike) on your lights' circuit wouldn't have any effect on the ring main for your sockets.

Does it only happen when you're watching TV? or even when ur watching dvd's? I suspect it's TV, i get a similar problem with the washing machine that affects TV reception...


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when im doing anything on my tv.....tv\games\dvd, the sound goes silent for literally 0.5 second, and occasionally, the pic will get a flicker through it (its over in the blink of an eye and back to normal)

Ambient Fish

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Hi BoB, I had this problem with a low energy tube in the bathroom, everytime I switched it on the sound on my home cinema would drop out for a fraction of a second, changed the low energy tube for a halogen spot and the drop outs stopped, this happened even though the bathroom light was on a different circuit from my home cinema, incidently, I have low energy tubes in other rooms on the same circuit as the bathroom and for some reason they don't interact in this way with the HC:eek:

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