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Having spent that last couple of days moving the collection around and building more cases for the figures to go in (pics to come later), I went and picked up some more LED lights.

Knowing that Ikea Dioder lights are no longer a cool white, I decided to pick some up from the local Wickes to see how they compared and thought it may help a few people if I posted up a comparison pic.


On the left is the older Ikea Dioder which gives off a cool white with a slightly pink cast and gives (to me) the most natural daylight effect and doesn't distort the colours of the figures. (£20 for a pack of 4)

The middle LED is the Wickes 'Ella' light and is also a cool white but without the pink cast, it is close to the original Dioder but does wash out the colours of figures a little making skin tones look a little pasty. (£30 for 4)

The one on the right is the newer Ikea Dioder and as can be seen is very much a warm white rated at 2700k according to the packaging. This gives off a very yellow cast which bathes the figures distorting the colours. (£20 for 4)

I am considering today picking up some of the Argos LEDs to test them and see if they are closer to the original Ikea. (£35 for 4)


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I too am looking for cool white LED lights but in the strip format.
Which ones did you get in the end and are you happy with the colour temperature?


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I ended up sending them all back and just spreading my existing ones around.
Unfortunately none of the ones I tried were any good.

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