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Light Switch Question


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I'm hopeless when it comes to electrics so am after a bit of advice.

The light switch in the kitchen is starting to intermittently fail. Occasionally when I switch it on the light won't actually come on. If I give it a whack (once its in the 'on' position)they do. So potentially the actual switching mechanism isn't functioning correctly.

I've taken the face plate off. The are two brown wires going into the 'Top' of the switch (light switch off) and one brown wire into the 'Bottom' of the switch (light switch on). Wiggling the face plate around while the wires are still attached - the lights turn on and off and there is a cracking electrical noise. It looks like maybe the single brown wire to the bottom may not be seated correctly under the retaining screw.

Obviously to take this wire out and re-seat it i'll have to have the power off. My fuse box has a switch for the 'lights' (well 3 actually but i've found the one that switches off the kitchen lights).

If I turn off this in the fuse box - it will turn off the lights but does that also turn off the power in the switch. Don't really fancy a jolt is all :)

Thanks :D


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If everything's wired as it should be then removing the fuse/breaker (usually 5A) will remove all the power to the lights and their associated switches. f you're in any doubt you're better off switching all the power off at the main switch.


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thanks. i have a multi meter i use on the car. could i use this to check power at the switch? Not sure if the voltage would be too high for it. Thanks :)


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The voltage is probably too high unless it has a 250VAC or higher range?

If the light in question goes out when you pull the fuse you can be fairly sure the switch will be dead as well.


as above, never ever rely on an RCD to protect you for lack of good practice


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Well said IG.

An RCD tripping, under any circumstances, is NOT a sign that your protection has worked, it is a clear indication that your protection has FAILED.

It's a lot easier to turn off the main switch and be certain.

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