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HI guys,

Looking for a twin light switch, left side a dimmer right side a normal sw. Anyone know of such a device?!



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Had a quick search for what you wanted (Holby City on TV, so bored!) - may have found something:

Order code VL SM
Have a look at - They sell dimmer switches from 1 to 4 way. They also have a push on/off module that can replace one of the dimmer units in the switch block. The two products that you would need are VL 21 (2 gang 1 way dimmer switch) and VL SM . This would give you a dimmer and a push on/off switch looking like a dimmer knob.

Hope this helps!



also worthwile having a look at the mk gridswitch system you can make all sorts of weird and wonderfull combinations.most electrical wholsalers should be able to help

richard plumb

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I just bought an X10 lightswitch from letsautomate, which is a normal lightswitch if you just press it, and a dimmer if you hold down (up for bright, down for dim). Straight replacement for a normal lightswitch.

It also has the benefit of being X10 controllable, which is why I bought it. X10 controls kit by sending signals along your mains cable, so you can turn the kettle on with your remote control in the lounge (for example)

My wife wants to be able to put the lights on a timer when we go on holiday, and I couldn't find anything else - you can get plug sockets, but not lights.

So I'll fit this (and a couple of bayonet replacements called socket rockets), and then my pronto can control them via the timer.


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BTW - They also do an X10 micromodule which you can use if you want to keep the same switches. Doesn't dim though.

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