Light sensor on TVs


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My TV (Philips 42PFL9703) has a light sensor which adjusts the picture based on the ambient light. How are these supposed to work? I tested it last night:

* With the lights off, the picture is darker and less bright
* With the lights on, the picture is lighter and brighter

Surely this should be the other way round - i.e. when you are watching it in the dark it makes the picture brighter? Or am I missing the point?!



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Nope - it's working the way it should.

If you think about it, when your room is dark, you don't need the TV to be as bright.

Why would you want a dim TV in a brightly lit room, and a dazzlingly bright TV in a darkened room?


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It sounds like it is working correct. When the ambient light is low, it will dim the backlight. So the black areas will be darker and also it will consume less power. Otherwise, with dim ambient lighting, if the backlight was higher, black levels would look like grey...

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