Light problem , any electricians please look in .


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Not been a problem that i have noticed before!!

For some reason this problem i reckon has only just started.... in my bedroom i have a normal 3 light / spot light which was brought from a high street shop.
The light is connected by a nomal light switch and i think the bulbs are some small hallogen bulbs.

The problem i have noticed, since yesterday when i switch the lights on all i can hear is a buzzing noise, now i am not using a Dimmer switch which i know can create extra noises , just a normal light switch.

The buzzing noise has only really happened since yesterday, any ideas what i can to solve it as it's annoying!



Well it depends where the buzzing is coming from and what kind of light you have.
If it's coming from the light and it has a 12V transformer built in, the transformer could be slightly loose.
Or you should check the terminations of the cables at the switch and the lights (after you have pulled the fuse out), they could be loose causing the electricity to arc, or check the termination screws are in contact with the copper cable and not the pvc sheeth of the cable, each of these would cause a bit of heat so check it out before you burn your place down!

If these don't cure it, post back with more details,eg. power to light on/off, switch or light buzzing, 12V transformer, type of lightswitch (1-way, 2-way, intermediate), earth cable at switch, power rating of lights etc.

Failing that, you have a bee trapped in the light which is very angry!

Chris Muriel

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I spent 10 minutes looking for the cause of a buzzing in our posh shower cubicle (has radio, phone, steam facility etc.).
Turned out to be a tiny battery-operated lady-shaver thing my daughter had left on and in the shower - sigh of relief when I found the "fault" !

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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