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Can anyone please tell me if there is anything on the market that will allow me to do the following:

I have room with a ceiling light, controlled in the usual way by a simple dimmer, and a lamp plugged into a socket. Is there anyway to control both, independently from a wall switch. Effectively a two gang dimmer, one to control the ceiling light via wire and one to control a socket dimmer on the lamp remotely.

I know it's possible to do this via a remote control but I'd rather have an wall switch to do the job.

Thanks for any help.


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Get a Rako Dimmer module for the ceiling light and one for the lamp and then a RAKO wall switch.

I am sure there will be other ways of doing it as well.



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Thanks, Stuart.

That looks ideal; but a bit more than I was wanting to pay.

Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?


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Looks like this dual Z-Wave dimmer switch allows 1 switch to control connected load (your ceiling lamp) and another to control another load wirelessly (your lamp)

You'd then need a dimmable lamp module plugged into the wall, and paired with the Z-Wave wall switch.

ACT HomePro ZDP210 RF / Z-Wave UK Plug-In Lamp Module - Detailed item view - Control - Z-Wave Products (UK) - The UK's Leading Z-Wave Store

Total cost is about £130.


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