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It's been a busy month since I last heard of any post from over across the Water. Increased interest and participation in another dedicated DIY Forum has preoccupied my time.

Inasmuch, I was offered and accepted a position as Moderator of the DIY Screen Forum on there. LumenLab is a Forum where DIY'ers actually make thier own LCD Panel PJs! Since luminosity is an issue (...most DIY PJs average 200-250 lumens) acheiving a bright, vivid image in sizes above 84" diagonal with such a low level of light output is the chief concern and desire.

When mulitble Heads that are inclined toward innovative thinking get knocking together on solving an issue, things can happen. The addition of the "Mirror" into the equation, and the MMud-SE as a basecoat to start with has brought much hope, and some great results. Also, my collaboration with two very talanted and forward thinking individuals has resulted in a new MMud mix (RS-MaxxMMud) that works to both increase gain AND contrast, effectively bringing into play the ability to watch the "Big Picture" in increasing amount of ambient light. This it can do "WITHOUT" a Mirror, but does even more of the same with the Mirror included

And.........., experiments with using some particularly special R-G-B pigments have worked toward creating a DIY version of the Sony Chromaview and Mirage Blackscreen applications. This revelation is still under developement however, but far enough along as to be forthcoming in 3-4 weeks time.

"Never settle for less than what others deem impossible" is my creed. The posted results have once again caused quite the stir on AVS's DIY Screens. They also brought out the usual few distractors and Flamers, some once again using my results as evidence that I was "promoting" my DIY screens as products, which is of course, patently false. The rancor is so extreme that no thread I start remains open for long due to such antics. It seems that both jealousy and a fear of becoming irrelevant prompts such actions, for those who want to aspire to achieve a great DIY screen application are certainly NOT the ones doing the Flaming.

It helps not one bit that the Forum Moderators both turn a blind eye to the situation and Bile until the calls for "Closure" start coming in from disgusted readers, or that my actions that have and continue to affect both posts about & sales of AVS sponserd Mfg.Screens, leading then to rush to close any thread for any reason available, that purports to challange the status quo. Painting a wall with a Store bought paint is OK. They don't fear the results brought forward from such efforts. But when real progress is made, and too much attention is garnered, the Feces hits the Spinning Blades.

As for the conduct and attitude this Forum has shown, I can only say that my expewriance here has been a delight, and is exactly what keeps me striving to continue trying to both improve on the DIY Screen equation as well as offer unmitigated help to those who request it.

That being said, I'd like to once again hear from those of you who have attempted a LF application. Good, Bad, or Indifferent. All comments have relevency. Oftimes, even a Failure resides next door to a Success, waiting only for another visit by the "Post-Mman"

I'm in the middle of my yearly Home Show, with a 140" LF sporting the new RS-MaxxMMud application. The exhibit is in a Garage that has white walls & cielings, and I'm using a JVC D-ILA HX2U PJ w/only 500 lumens, shooting from 21' away. And showing the image ONLY in ambient light, some of it rediculously high. Certainly, the imagery isn't as wonderful ander 'worst case' conditions as it would be otherwise, but it is worlds better than anything else ever posted under such conditions, be it a MFG Screen or a DIY project. Posting "Dark Room" shots is easy, and of course, the results are astounding. But posting the ambient light shots is a challenge, and obviously has also become one against many who do not care to see such.

Too bad for them, and all the better for DIY'ers.

Lemme hear from you MMud Squirters, in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, and Greece. Often, no news means that you got it right, and now have little time or inclimation to post since watching Movies preoccupies your time. But some might not post, deciciding not to "stir the pot" with negitive results.

Please, do not do that, for there is always a way to offset a less than desired end result, and I'm more than willing to spend the time and effort to help resolve any issues that occur.

Follow this link to a Gallery of shots of the latest Ambient results.

Please take into consideration the extreame amount of light much of the imagery is shown in. The pics are not supposed to reflect normal conditions, but rather extreame ones that no one will watch content under, and so being, show that under normal conditions, just how much can be looked forward to.

BTW, the two main "revamped" ingrediants are a much more "Silvery" Silver Metallic that can be added in far greater amounts than ever before (24 - 32 OZ per 3 quart MMud mix) and a special Acrylic "Water based" Polyurathene w/ Satin Finish.

The best news of all? The above ingrediants can be mixed into an existing MMud-SM mix to ramp up the performance

1 quart of the old into 3 quarts of the new does the trick.

.......and so; I'm waiting. :hiya:


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stefx said:
.......and so; I'm waiting.

So am l

no answer to my pm yet

see you


I just received it (...the PM w/your address...) yesterday, and being in the middle of a Home Show, ( noted above in my first post...) and what with having to take the address to FedEx to enquire as to the charges, I have not been able to do so over the last 24 hours.

But I will ASAP. Please allow for some time to do so. :boring: (...sleep too!!)



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This last Friday I made an enquirey on your behalf and FedEx told me the address needed additional postal codes? Wassup wit all dat?

Sometimes they can be pretty specific, and require more info that you need to use locally. Check with your Local FedEx branch and give them your address and confirm exactly what they need to deliver, or just get the address of that FedEx location and I can ship to there for you to go in to pick up.

This message has been sent to you in PM form as well.


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Perhaps not the right thread, but in the other (UK Sprayday) thread I posted positively about LF but still want better Contrast!

In the other thread you mentioned a commercial paint (Black Screen competitor?) that improves contrast and ambient lighting (something else Id treasure).. any details on that? NDA is ok!



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Bring it on MMan!!

I often get sick and tired of reading interesting topics on AVS which get spoilled by a few guys bickering, or scoring points off one another by pointing out mistakes. Some of the stuff sounds like what we here would call a d*ck measuring contest about who has the better knowledge of quantum physics as applied to home theatre. Makes you wonder whether they ever watch a MOVIE or just look for artifacts in their pictures to bitch about......

Anyway, in my opinion, having been among the first to try the original MMud in the UK, if you have succeeded in getting better black levels with the new formulas, then this is definitely a yes from me- even when I sprayed it wrongly, the LF screen outperformed my Goo screen in lots of respects. As has been pointed out , 'contrast' in the form of low black levels was my biggest concern, although the elevated light levels due to the LF effect probably meant that contrast ratio wasn't a whole lot different.

To put thngs into perspective, my screens so far are rated thus:

1 Goo screen, digital grey despite poorer colour rendition and poorer whites v MMud

2 Owl commercial screen , costing £550 although it was electric.

MMud? unrated as yet as it didn't have a fair shout.

The Goo is already better than the commercial Owl screen, which I sold.

The MMud screen has the beating of the Goo screen when I get it sprayed again I'm pretty certain, since black
levels was the only reason it hadn't already replaced the Goo.

Any advances in ambient light rejection are just a bonus :clap:

I'm ready to put my hard earned where my mouth is....

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