Lifeforce & The Chuckle Brothers


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I was scanning through a R1 copy of Lifeforce, when I noticed the following. So amazed was I, that I took some screen grabs and immediately posted them!

What we have is an ex-member of the Double Deckers busting a cap into Paul Elliot AKA Paul from the Chuckle Brothers!

From me to you, indeed!


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I always had a week spot for this film. It reminds me in a way of Quatermass & The Pit (without the intelligence).

It has some killer dialogue "I'm a natural voyeur". Right, is that why you wear roll neck sweaters?

When naked Matilda May breaks out of the space centre, how does the security guard try to stop her? He offers her a biscuit! Priceless!

On a minor technical point, when the army cordon off london and have there headquarters at Blackheath, you see lined up aginst the night sky a group of Bloodhound surface to air missles These date back from the mid fifties and would not have still been cutting edge military technology in 86.

Oh, and some clown on th IMDB has written a review and seems to have confused Henry Mancini with Henry Manfredini :D
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