Life of bulb for Sony KFE42A12


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I am concerned about the life of the bulb.
I phoned Sony and asked them if it was the number of hours it was on for, or if it was better to switch it on and off as required. They said that it was only the hours it was on for, and it made no difference how many times it was switched on/off. Any thoughts?


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According to reports I've read (forum visitors asking Sony tech ppl) the bulb should be ok for about 6 to 8000 hours of operation. Switching on and off should have no impact on it's life as the tv very gradually brings the bulb to life (it takes about 30 seconds before the picture is as bright as it should be)



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As a very broad rule of thumb (the accuracy of which, in this context, I cannot vouch for) it is generally reckoned, with most types of discharge lighting, that each switch on has the same "wear" effect on the lamp as about 30 minutes' use. In other words (if it's true) if you intend to return to the TV within 30 minutes, leave it on. Otherwise, turn it off.


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If you intend to keep the set a long time and don't want the hassle of being 'without it' if the bulb decides to stop working the Sony Centre, in Lincoln, gave me this Sony authorised contact to get one.
Tel: 01274 688877 between 10.00am and 5.00pm
Cost = £173.18 plus VAT.
Availability three to four working days.


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Thanks for all the info. Plus I was wondering how much the bulb was....a lot more than I thought.:oops: Never mind, I think the picture and sound of the tv makes it well worth it:thumbsup:

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