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    Lidl are having some more electrical items on Monday 15thNoV.
    Welltech 28"television (no stand)but virtual dolby,2 scart etc. £169
    Comag freeview box,2scart£59.99
    Audio/Visual transmitters£24.99
    all these items have a 3 year warranty,cant be bad!
    I am interested in the Welltech tv,they have had these before,but
    are they any good!Would be glad of any feedback about these sets,
    with a 3 year warranty I should think they would do the job.
    Only trouble is you have to be quick with some of the Lidl offers they
    dont get many and they soon go,however the tvs did not go so quick last
    time(i think).The satellite stuff was a different story(picked clean bar a few dishes in the 2 lidl stores by me) :D :thumbsup:

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