Lidl DVD Players with Zoran 888 and Zoran 886

Next week the Lidl will be selling 2 DVD players here in Holland.
They are the Silvercrest 6510 with Zoran 886 and the Silvercrest 6515 with Zoran 888.

6510 will be sold for 55 euros and 6515 for 70 euros. The 6510 only has VGA where the 6515 has VGA *and* HDMI. (composite/component/s-video/scart are available on both).

I have a question.

I own a Panny PW7 SD monitor with VGA. I also have a 'smart box' that converts HDMI in to VGA out. This box is perfect quality and the PQ it shows is excellent.

Both DVD players are tested on german sites and they get *exact* the same scores: both give excellent PQ. Will I have any pro to buy the HDMI model when my HDMI-VGA box still will be converting the HDMI signal to VGA? Won't it be just as good for me to get VGA version and save me the 15 euros?

By the way, the HDMI player is also known as Tevion 8000 and Technosonic 2088 in the UK, see this thread -->

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