Licence To Kill & the decompression chamber


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I saw this in the cinema in 1989, fully aware that several key scenes had been cut.

Now what I'm confused about was exactly what happened during the infamous Anthony Zerbe in the decompression chamber scene.

I recollect the following. He goes in, puts his fingers in his ears, screams, head inflated then, bang it burst (off camera) and what you saw was a splatt of blood go over the window.

Now I've seen the R1 copy on DVD and the R2 DVD (which now has the cuts waived), but what you get is subtly different.

The head swells, you hear the off screen burst (like before), but you now see a reaction shot of one of Sanchez's henchmen wincing in disgust.

No splatt! Did I imagine this or was the subsequent video and DVD releases altered from the theatrical prints (due to the films poor performance).

Anyone got any thoughts?


They originally showed it un-cut in the cinema also on the first screening of it on ITV but the now show the cut version. The uncut version does show his head blowing up and splating on the decompression chamber window no cutting away.

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