Liberty City vs. New York City


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The bit where it shows Niko jacking a big land cruiser I was expecting to see a real-life clip of a car jacking going down :D

Nice find:smashin:


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I have found that the Manhatten part of the game is very similar to the real Manhatten.

They have included the Rockafella centre, although they have changed the names, radio city and the nbc studio. These are all just down from central park in the real new york and this has been done in the game.

Also i was driving up the the left hand side of central park, to where harlam would be in real life and even found the american musuem of natural history in the right place.

The level of detail is amazing.


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Having been to NYC twice, and the last time only just a few months ago it really does feel like NYC. There are so many land marks that you notice when driving around that find that im always spotting something new each time and saying to myself "wow". One very cool thing I noticed is that the subway sounds are the same, the bing bong of the doors opening and they even use the same voice for the annoucer on the trains.

Of course there are differances as Manhattan is over 13 miles long, so everything is brought closer together but in some way its still feels right.


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I was curious, as The Getaway didnt really get London correct. Sure the main streets and landmarks were there, but if you knew a place well, you would find that alleys and ratruns weren't included, and often you'd get lost due to the different layout.

Any Americans on this forum spotted their house or anything?

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What's the song in the vid?

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