LGTV 65UN6950ZUA Trouble After Software Updates-

I have been using this television without a single issue for a little over a year. Sunday I subscribed to YouTube TV to watch the last week of the NFL season and to be ready for the NFL playoffs, which I intend to watch beginning tomorrow, through my XBox-One Series X, as I did Sunday with NO issue.

Here's the problem;

For the first time since purchasing the TV, I installed the software update it's been bugging me about. After it updated and I restarted the TV, it had a second new software update it was immediately asking me to install, and I did. I am now on software version "04.30.50", and if I ask it to search for updates, it tells me there aren't any, so as far as I know I am now current.

Immediately after the updates, the "INSTANT GAME RESPONSE IS LAUNCHED" banner repeatedly was coming onto the screen and the screen is now flashing to black and back to the screen I was on repeatedly. At times it will subside for a couple of minutes, but then it's right back to it. At one point even though my XBox was still on it just started shuffling through the pre-loaded TV images that loop when there's no connection, and the Xbox screen would not reload until I turned off the console and turned it back on.

Could this have happened because I renamed the TV after the update also from the generic name it comes with to something more unique? I was just trying to watch Spider-Man Homecoming on my tv, but the same thing started to happen - only the banner wasn't coming up, the video and audio would just cut out and flash to a black screen for a second every so often - from every 3 seconds, to at times every minute or two.

This is incredibly frustrating as I didn't have a problem until minutes after the software updates. I thought I was making the right decision by updating everything as it's been asking me for a while and now that I have everything hooked-up to my WiFi, I wasn't sure if there were security/privacy implications for not having it current.

I am positive it MUST have something to do with these updates. These issues began the minute after I updated everything. How could it possibly be the HDMI cable or something like that - as I've been seeing on threads similar to mine - when I've been using all of the same hardware for a year? What can I do to fix this? I really don't want to miss every play tomorrow watching football, and I just spent the money on the YTTV subscription!

Occasionally throughout the screen I can see random small squiggly lines of static, and once or twice the entire screen flashed to the same static for a brief second.

I attempted to turn off the "INSTANT GAME RESPONSE" or whatever it's called and see if that rectified the issue but it didn't, and as I said, it had been on for a year. All this seemed to do was perhaps make my picture quality worse while trying to watch the movie.

Again, the television is about a year old and I have never had a problem through the hundreds of hours I've spent playing video games and watching netflix, disney plus, etc. I am NOT a tech-savvy person, SO, I already went to LG.com and asked the live chat techs for assitance, they suggested I restart and unplug the tv and see if the issue was rectified. It was not. I then asked if factory resetting the tv would fix the issue, they replied that it would. It did not. In-fact, what it has done is make things much worse. For instance, the last time the flickering began, the xbox was still on and the controller was still lit up, but the HDMI1 stopped recognizing the hardware altogether, I unplugged and plugged-in again all components and hardware, and it now just tells me there was no connection available with the pre-loaded tv screensaver images on a loop in the background.

I've attempted to factory reset the tv without reconnecting it to the internet, and that doesn't work either. In-fact, even though it's "Reset to original settings" it still has the newest software updates installed and there doesn't appear to be any way I can revert it. I am at a total loss here and honestly it's disheartening, I'm a younger person who at least has a basic understanding of technology, but I feel awful knowing this same thing is likely happening to older folks who probably just run out and buy a new TV because they have no hope in fixing this. I truly feel like I too have arrived there.

I have no idea what to do - and now I have $1,000 of electronics rendered useless because of these damn software updates.

This is something so foolish that just makes me want to go back to the times where everything was offline.

Thank-you, any help would be extremely appreciated!

** UPDATE 1 **

- I contacted LG Live Chat again and they advised me to move the HDMI cable that connects the XBox-OneX and the TV from HDMI1 to HDMI3. As I only have 2, I hooked it into "HDMI2 (ARC)" and it does seem to be working normally now. I must say I am totally confused as to A. Why this worked, and B. Why the initial one stopped working after the software updates after having worked for more than a year. I am hoping the issue isn't just lying dormant only to return. Any thoughts on this?
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