LGTV 49ub820v Audio Sync Madness


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Hello and thanks for any replies in advance as I know this is a busy place...

I have had an LGTV now for over a year and I have come here out of desperation to solve audio / lip sync.

LG 49ub820v 4k TV
LG sound bar - running in HDMI ARC mode
LG DVD Player

I also play video files from a 32gb USB 3 Stick and a QNAP NAS.

I can never get perfect lip sync using anything other than Freeview. No matter what source I use to play downloaded files, either a stick, DVD player or home server, the problem persists. The sound bar connects to the TV in HDMI ARC mode as the wireless mode is so badly out, delays can be nearly 1/4 to half a second, so I connected using HDMI ARC and things got better.

So then there is AV SYNC settings, on both the TV and SoundBar and here's where the problems seem to lie.
- The Sound Bar settings allow alterations from 0-300ms, which is totally useless as the settings should be in negative values.
- the TV allows settings of -5 to +10, (at last a negative value!) but its still misses the target lip sync. There is also a BYPASS setting which when ticked seems to do nothing but make matters worse

So that's it - I am out of options to alter the sync.

You would think that the QNAP NAS would be the worst, but its better than memory sticks of any speeds believe it or not.



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If you don't mind, did you ever solve this issue and if so how? I'm having the same problem what model of lg sound bar are you using?

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