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LGOLED55BV6 or Panasonic 58DX802b

OLED or Panasonic

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Have about £1K to £1500 to spend.

Decided on a 2016 model LG55BV6 £1485 as this the cheapest option for OLED or I can get a fairly good LED 58 inch Panasonic 802b with sound bar for £995.

I have a Samsung UE48 JU7000 already great TV but don't think the new MU 7000 is as good and costs £1300 for a 55" no 2016 KS models left available. 65" are way over budget unless you get a Samsung 6000 series and I have been told they are much worse than 7000 for quality. Poorer quality and larger screen doesn't sound good but a 6400 was tempting for £1400.

Thanks in advance.


Distinguished Member
hmmm since u brought up the sound bar.... if u dont have a sound system, the 802b is a strong contender as decent sound + decent TV set + 33% less money to lay down >>> 55 inch OLED (which is awesome TV + piss poor sound + more budget spent)

If you're spending £1500 for a TV without a sound system I'd strongly suggest splitting that cash to invest into a nice TV with separate 2.1 system + a subwoofer. Sound is a WAY better investment than a TV. a TV will be oudated in a few years. Also sound is WAY more immersive than a a TV's speakers.

It will be way way way way better of an experience than a single TV using the crappy speakers in it.

If you're strictly asking which TV is better.... B6.

I'd personally with a budget of £1500, I'd look at the second handmarket for at least a nice AVR + Subwoofer + 2 speakers. Then with money left over, I'd get the best value for money TV I could (prioritising screen size).

You can have all the HDR/deep blacks/4k you want.... if ur watching cinema (or video games) and a huge explosion occurs and you don't feel the vibrations in ur stomach... then ur not doing home AV anywhere near a good service.

And the fact is £1500 is A LOT of money! Its enough money to get a very good setup on the second hand market or with the recent KEF Q series reductions, a nice AV system bundle.

Sorry to go off topic but when I saw £1500 and the hint that a soundbar even plays a factor in this decision, i had to throw in my 2 cents!

ignore me if u have a solid 5.1 setup w/subwoofer and buy the B6 or if u want a bigger screen, wait for the price drops in 6 months time. with £1500 I'd be tempted to go in the second hand market and pick up a 65inch 902B/KS9000 or a old LG OLED.


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Thanks a lot. My Samsung 7000 came with an ok sound bar deal, nothing special but had a Bluetooth sub which i agree makes a big difference. Couldn't have a TV without some form of third party sound.

I like the Panasonic as its 58" a fairly good TV for the price and now we are getting to the end of 2016 stock probably the best i can get without waiting till Black Friday November or better still Q2 2018 when todays model start getting discounted. I'm positive buying the new flashy model doesnt make economic sense as there is always a premium added. Buying last year's is ok with me as there is always something better round the corner.

The reason i was looking at the Panasonic is its 2016 58" and on face value a good deal at £900 it also has a radiating sound bar with good sound (and bass) according to reviews. I guess the question im asking is whether I would miss the separate sub woofer although for daily viewing (with the wife) its never run that loud, but you always know its there, if you know what i mean. You can certainly tell the difference if you unplug the sub. I'm hoping the Panasonic will offer something similar at modest levels.

If i was watching movies and looking for the experience i am thinking of moving the JU7000 and sound bar upstairs into a 4th bedroom that will now become a TV room.i.e if i want a movie and higher bass i will go upstairs.

Just hoping the Panasonic sound bar will be good enough for daily viewing and the occasional family movie.

JL have the Pani 58 at £999 with a Pani sound bar deal (HTB488) for an extra 68 quid!, so thought if i get that then covered both options if the standard bar is not great. Still a good deal for a 58" LED even if the standard spun bar goes in the bin. Trouble is the separate sound bar is black not silver, ok for me but wife????

Think I've given up on getting a new B6 OLED now, missed the boat. Second hand not so sure, warranty and why would anyone want to give up a great TV!! Can get the E series for 1900 from RS but that's a lot of money and agin not sure about the internal SB. Thought about waiting till BF for the new B7 but as this is now at £2200 ish reckon it will only be 1700 discounted at best.

Probably go for the Panasonic - To add the additional sound bar for 6 8 is the only decision now.


Distinguished Member
I'd not get a sound bar. I also wouldn't get a bluetooth sub or any rubbish like that.
I'd buy an AVR, a proper sub, 2 fronts and a centre speaker.
A good speaker setup far out lasts ANY TV and its price:performance ratio is off the charts. With TVs, you buy one and it has banding, or uniformity issues or motion issues.. not the case with speakers. You pay for what you get.

No bluetooth subs or crappy soundbars, just a really solid speaker setup which will last you for 10+ years.

When you go to the cinema and you hear that eneveloping sound with huge explosions.. well its MORE than replicable. I have spent £1800 on my sound this year and its BETTER than the cinema. The sound is more delicate where it has to be, explosions more refined... and its all down to the fact that its designed for one small room rather than a huge cinema which needs to cater to 100s.

I just can't understand the logic of anyone spending upwards of £1500 for a TV if they don't have a solid sound system. Watching a beautiful set with 40 watt speakers which compress like a tin anything that comes out of them... awful! The only reason to do that is if your budget is in the 500s in which case you are very restricted and its a choice of which you want to buy.

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