LGoled/screen saver with pvr connected


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Hi have connected Manhattan t3 to LG oled tv and haven’t noticed the normal screen saver kicking in after 2mins if a static image is left on screen. I am using the pvr for all functions such as freeview. Is this normal as I am worried that I or someone else may leave a programme paused for longer than we would like and perhaps burn screen/cause image retention. Bought the pvr as good to be able to pause/rewind and record of course.


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I'm not sure about LG TVs specifically, but it's not unusual for a TV's screensaver to be limited to it's own built-in apps and menus etc. My Panasonic OLED screensaver, for example, doesn't work on external sources.

Does the PVR have it's own screensaver ?


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Not as far as I am aware, its just new pvr but didn't see anything in setting. I wonder what people do that are linked to Skybox, talk talk tv ect. This must be a fair number compared to those using the tv only as it is.


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I have two Humax boxes connect to my LG CX55, one Freesat the other Freeview and they both display there own screensavers while a recording is pulsed for more than a half minute or so.

One displays a clock while the other just displays “Humax” and both, clock and text move around the screen constantly as not to burn the screen.

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