LG32LX2R & Radeon X800XT


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I just got an LG32LX2R to connect to my pc, but I can't get the screen to work properly.

I know its something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out what.

If I uninstall all the ATI drivers it works fine I get a 1024 x 768 desktop working, as soon as I install the Catalyst drivers after displaying the POST screen it goes into powersave mode.

So its a setting in the Catalyst Control Center somewhere. Can anyone help or suggest where to look.



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Are you using the VGA or DVI-I output on the Video card?

Which input are you using on the LG (VGA, DVI, HDMI), are the LG settings correct?

B4 catalyst install can you see LG panel in PC's control panel display settings, or are you hot swapping from a CRT monitor?

Just some more meat on the bones of your problem.

Other members have got this combo to work:-



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Ok sorry,

I have the LG connected with the supplied DVI-DVI cable, and I have the LG set to DVI-PC.

I also have a TFT connected to the D-sub on the X800, which appears in windows as the primary display.

Before I install the Catalyst drivers both screens work fine, as soon as the Catalyst Drivers are installed the LG goes off after POST. But using the TFT display I can see that windows still detects the LG as a LG32LX2R with a max resolution of 1960x1020, and the LG is just blank, if I disconnect it, it will show a 'no signal error' so it is actually getting a singnal just not showing it.

In the windows display properties I can click on display 2 and attempt to change the res from 640 x 480, but when I click apply it ignores the changes and returns to 640 x 480.


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Have you set-up "Clone Mode" in the ati control centre, or are you using extended desktop?

If you see both monitors in the display manager section of catalyst, try dragging the LG to the main, and VGA to secondary.

Try un-pluging the VGA monitor, and booting with only the LG connected via DVI.

btw I do not have the X800 g/c or LG screen, but have 2 PC's, one 9800se aiw and one 9500pro I have used with 2 monitors in the past. I have a 32" LCD TV with DVI input. Then I had to have my LCD TV as the primary monitor, for it to work properly, CRT as sceondary montor.

If this does not work, you do not need to use catalyst, you could try the a ati download which uses the ati control panel instead.

Good Luck, hopefully a LG owner may take pity on your thread, and give some better advice :lease: .


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wOOt, I eventually got it to work correctly :thumbsup:
The connections I made are as follows :-
19" desktop Dvi - Dvi
32" LCD TV Analogue - Dvi

On the down side tho, if i connect the LCD TV via Dvi - Dvi it still doesnt work :confused:. I have also noticed that the Dvi - Analogue cabe has 4 extra pins around the long pin at the dvi connection point(the one which works) but the Dvi-Dvi cable doenst have this. This also applies to the dvi-dvi cable i use with my pc vdu. Is this just Coincidence or do i need to buy a dvi-dvi cable with these 4 extra pins so i can use the LCD TV to its optimum ability.

Thanks for your help RockySpieler :)

oh by the way this tv ROCKS - excellent picture quality, would recommend this model to anyone.


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Glad it is working.

Is the 19" monitor still the primary?

If you post your complete solution then other LG owner's with the same problem, will be able to find the answer.

You could try mailing STU1WYATT because it should work via DVI, and you will get a better picture.

The extra 4 pins are the analogue wires, this cable is a DVI-I cable (Digital and analogue). The cable without the pins, is a DVI-D cable, and can only send Digital information.

In your current set up you do not need to buy another DVI-I cable.

I have a couple of DVI-I cables, a Belkin, and a freebie from my Samsung DVD Player. The Belkin looks a better quality, thicker cable, better termination, but with the digital feed I see no quality difference. There may be issues if you want to go over 10m, then you may need a "quality" brand, but from my experience el cheapo works.

For the VGA feed it is a different matter, the analogue signal can degrade, you may notice an improvement if you buy a better cable. VGA can be used for longer runs, for example if you use a projector, VGA is probably more likely to work than DVI.

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