lg32lx2r not responding when switching on


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I always leave my lg32lx2r on standby, sometimes when ive switched it off and left it for a while and come back to turn it back on the tv will switch on but then the screen and all the controls are locked.
Pressing any keys on the remote or on the tv itself have no effect, I have to switch it off at the power point, back on and all is fine.

Do you think the set is faulty?, overheating in this warm weather?, or should i switch it off at the power when not in use and not leave it on standby for hours on end?.


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This happens to (some? all?) LX2Rs sometimes, including ours, occasionally (about once or twice a month). On ours it can generally be "woken up" by turning on a device on the input it's set to, or turning said device off if it is already on.

Ours doesn't like it if we start pushing buttons when it's first turned on; it likes to wake up and work out what's connected to it before it'll respond to remote commands, which all takes about two to five seconds normally. Using remote functions during this wake-up time has made it crash before, but again we've been able to nudge it back to life by switching on or off one of the connected devices.

We've only had to "hard reset" it (i.e. turn it off and on at the plug) once, and that was when we first got it and didn't know the trick.

We leave ours on standby all the time. It's definitely not the heat, because ours first did it in February. Over time the problem has not got worse, but better, although that could be because we always give it time to wake up these days.

Switching it to an input that will definitely be on when the TV is turned on (the HDMI input in our case; our PC is on 24/7) may help it avoid these crashes altogether. It seemed to when we tried that for a while, but we don't have the discipline to keep to that sort of crazy system :D

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