LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality?


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LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality?

Stupid question- do the LG OLEDs have any kind of picture-in-picture feature? : OLED (reddit.com)

Note: If there are other good forums/ sources where I can post & ask - Pls do advise. Thx.

The most recent thread about it on Reddit I found was the above.
  • I am not exactly sure which & what kind of sources it is able to SHOW together.
  • And this also seems to be subject to
    • Web OS Versions and
    • TV Model variants launched through years?
A cousin of mine has a 2019/20 bought OLED with Web OS 5.2 /3 so I I can go test out the possibility on it as a trial run, if I get the right guidance here.

But I would still need to test/ do the same on the non OLED I plan to acquire.

Now I am considering the possibility of getting a new or used
  • A non OLED (Budget & Burn In)
    • LG IPS Panel TV
    • For use as a Monitor
    • Due to the PIP/ Multi source possibilities
      • For multi tasking usage while watching TV.
So what LG WebOS TVs are capable of the above?
  • What inputs & how they can be shown together?
    • What kind of variations of Video / Audio separation is possible?
  • And How can we check
    • IF specific models support them and test it out?
  • How would we eliminate LG TVs that do NOT ?
PS: Please refrain from advise on buying an actual monitor - not possible to get in current nation/ locality.
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Also wondering if there are affordable external devices which can solve the problem by merging 2 signals? PS4 and Chromecast in my case...


Did you ever find an answer to this? I'm also looking for a TV (55 or 65 inch) which has picture-in-picture or multi-view. I have it on my old Samsung TV and use it so much for sport.
My 2016 LG television offers a built in app called 'Multi-view', which provides 'split screen' views of say, 'Live TV' or component/composite video sources beside HDMI or component/composite video sources.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to permit two 'HDMI' sources beside each other...

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