LG webOS Smart TV - Behind the Scenes.


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With Plex showing in one of the images, is that conformation that it's made it to LG's webos platform?

Phil Hinton

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Yes, there was also a chromecast and Roku box as well as two Samsung TVs, a few LG TVs and some other 'Smart' boxes. This was in the testing area for the connect SDK demo to show that it could work across multi platforms, something that LG are pushing to try and get a 'standard' approach in the industry for second screen viewing.

Wayne Beetison

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Looks good.

However we purchased a LG 42LX6900 in 2011 with the "netcast" smart tv functions, iplayer worked amd that was it, despite LG promising updates and new apps they swiftly moved onto a new smart tv system amd netcast became redundant and wasnt added to at all.

Now they are moving on again and I doubt, going on their previous attitudes to legacy equipment that they will update the previous smart platforms.

Adding to that we upgraded to a 50" 660v in august last year that we had 3 of as they all had horrific screen issues, including massive light bleed, 1/6th of the screen being a different colour and the 3rd tv crashing repeatedly, I would never buy anything with LG on it again.

Lies and broken promises and just cheap crap, like all the screens they supply to others.


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Cor Phil, I didn't realise you still did typing and stuff.:laugh:

LG are really on it now aren't they. I was impressed with the smart platform at the demo I went to last year so this stuff must be mega.

WebOS, 4k and OLED...yum.


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When can we expect review of lb650, lb670 or lb730?
your review is the only thing i wait before choosing between samsung h6400, sony w805 or new lb series 6 LG with web os and magic remote.
Ty for your good work.


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"Their previous Smart TV systems will continue to be updated and improved"??
I own an LG Smart TV which I purchased in 2011. There hasn't been a single update since then! Define "continue"!


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Why are LG USA promising a full upgrade path with hdmi 2.0 4k Netflix and webOS on 2013 UHD TV's if they're also saying it won't be put on . Stop putting out confusing information LG. Give us what I paid £2700 in February and not just a 2160p monitor with full HD TV which is what the LG 55la970w is at the moment.

So many promises that are put out with the TV sales information only to be let down. A few months down the line.

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