Question LG vs. LG Even a salesperson couldn't tell me... Can you?

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To be fair, LG don't make it easy to find out. In fact, the 695 doesn't seem to be on the LG website, although the 690 is.

Most of the time its the panel, although all brands do have exclusive models, or sometimes sniper models as well, and strange little changes in trim, etc. And its logical that a 7 series should be better than a 6. However, finding out what the panel refresh is (or at least the number the marketing department has given it) is a bit of a pain - there are no numbers at all on the LG website. However, Richer has the 690 (I think its exclusive to them and Marks) rated at 700 PMI (what ever that means). Richer also has the 770 listed, and thats rated at 1400 PMI. So a better panel. Thats makes sense, since I'd class the 695 as decent entry 4K, and I assume the 770 is more midlevel.

You can't blame the sales guy - I'd have guessed as well!

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