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    Hi all,
    Sorry for the long title. I'll be briefer than my previous post (given below). ;)
    I bought an LG 42LN578V TV (£429) Jan 2014. Its a Smart, non-3d, HD 42inch. I'm not an aficionado but the TV itself is brilliant. Great picture and sound after tweaking through the simple and powerful menus.
    1. LG Voice control - Speech recognition is amazing. I've used may voice recognition apps in my time (Dragon, Tazti, E-Speaking ...) but this one is superb. There has also recently been a firmware update (accessible via the magic remote) that gives the user a rough idea of what commands the TV can accept. I spoke to a senior Technician at LG UK today. They called back as promised. The problem is that not even he knew that the TV was capable of accepting commands such as "Volume Up", "Switch to BBC1" etc. He and the technicians were testing these functions as we spoke. I have asked for a command list for the voice control and he assured me he was keen to find out himself and would contact the LG developers directly and call me back. I'm sure he will. Again LG support was a easy, quick and pleasant experience. When I get a proper Command List as opposed to the "woolly user guide" I will post it.
    2. Recording via USB "Time machine II" - This function is absolutely useless unless u have a PhD in obscure HDD formatting, Linux programming http://www.avforums.com/threads/recording-on-lg-smart-tv-lm760t.1697353/ and a few HDD's to trash. USB Pen drives DO NOT WORK and the LG HDD formatting via the TV is otherwise unreadable by any PC. Thus rendering the PVR capabilities pointless as you will have to buy yet another set-top box i.e a dedicated external HDD.
    3. Buying advice -

    a) The TV is great (sound, picture, customization, inputs, nice form, light, value for money)

    b) Customer support is easy, free (unless u use the 0844 number) and if they dont know the
    answer they will find out and call u back.

    c) There is no pop out screen when browsing the TV guide which is annoying.
    d) Don’t buy it as a cheap alternative to a PVR (get a separate)
    e) Don’t rely on 3rd party "catch up" services as ITV, Ch4, etc are not licensed.
    In conclusion. Its a great TV. Don’t pay extra for SMART or "Time Machine II".
    Save your money, get a basic model and a buy a separate PVR
    and buy a cheap laptop for SMART and connect it via HDMI.

    Annex 1 - Prior post

    I recently bought this TV and a 16GB Kingston USB 2.0 Datatraveller USB stick.
    I was under the impression I could just record TV to the pendrive, put it on my laptop to watch at my leasure, wipe the pendrive, pop it back in the TV. Easy!

    Spend a bit more (£429) on the TV to save money buying a seperate PVR, thinks I.
    Save room and not have another damn box cluttering up the place, I thought.

    Internet connectivity too! No more trawling the laptop up and down stairs.
    No sprawling HDMI cables, power cables, mouse and transformers.
    Access to all major Freeview catch-up channels!

    Voice control and a MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL!

    ----- Oh dear...

    Before I joined the Forum I called LG UK this morning.
    I asked the advisor "Why doesn't the TV record to my USB Stick?".

    He replied

    "The TV will only record to a HDD of 32Gb+. We
    tried a 32Gb pendrive but it didn't work but a 32Gb HDD did!". "It
    must be very clever at detecting" he added in a surprised tone.

    "Like Magic", I thought...... "I hope its more
    "magic" than that damn remote control"

    I queeried about the Online "LG Cloud" feature. That
    part of the deal and is storage space. "could I use that?" ...

    I was put on hold briefly while he checked.

    "Sorry, no. Its just 1Gb. For Photo's and things".

    I asked him if I bought a Western Digital MyCloud drive, could I
    use a portion of that on my network for recording/playback.

    He was very polite, said he didn't know and he would ask his
    Technical Supervisor on Monday to call me back.

    Hope you have a great weekend. If anyone would like to help,
    comment or know what happens on Monday that would be great.​
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    My son recently bought the 32 inch version of this TV.

    Before deciding to buy it, we looked at the specification and User Manual before buying the TV, to get an appreciation of the SMART (and other) capabilities of the TV.

    So, as WE read it, the concept of the 'Time Machine' recording capability was simple time-shifting.

    In fact, the applicable section of the Online User Manual tells you EXACTLY what type of devices can be used for this function, what functions are actually available and the limitations of this functionality, INCLUDING THE FACT that 'A storage device on which USB Device initialisation has been performed will not be detected by a PC.'

    As we have subsequently found out, using the correct type of USB device, the functionality works impeccably, exactly as described in the User Manual

    In other words, your 'impression' of how this functionality SHOULD work was completely erroneous !!

    Several points in your 'Buying Advice' are therefore based on your incorrect understanding of this aspect (and how many others ?) of the capabilities of the TV.

    Perhaps you should fully read the User Manual and re-assess your Buying Advice, based on what the TV is actually DESIGNED to do rather than what you THINK the TV SHOULD be capable of doing !!!

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