LG UM7400PLB HDMI input judders at 60Hz


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I'm not an expert in this field but I'm relatively capable of triage and troubleshooting so here goes.

I bought this TV back in August and truth be told, I've barely used it. Tonight I decided to watch some stuff and noticed something weird. HDMI 1 seems to judder if the output is 60Hz. I have a Android Media player and with the output set at 4K 60Hz there is a noticeable jump every few seconds. I got brassed off and swapped the media player for a Chromecast and sure enough, same again. The Chromecast runs at 1080p 60hz.

Now, I also an RPI connected to port 3. This doesn't judder but it also automatically sets the refresh rate to the match the content.

When I manually set the output of the Media Box to 30Hz, it would appear that the problems mostly go away.

Is this issue purely down to the output settings of my Media Box vs the framerate of my content? I've never had to do this on any TV ever before and I've used this box since about 2018 on numerous TVs. I usually just set the refresh rate to the highest the TV supports and then forget about it and content just tends to play fine, but in this case it isn't working and it seems the max supported by TV isn't playing nice. I've spent hours trying to reconfigure the TV and even upgraded the firmware but it just isn't happening.

I have a boxed Fire Stick 4K that I picked up with some vouchers before Christmas which I'll have an experiment with tomorrow, but realistically am I likely to experience the same problems again?

I'm wondering if I would be better getting an Android TV. Is this TV just a bit of a crapper? It wasn't as expensive as my previous LG.


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