LG UM 7360 (43') Input lag with HDR on Base PS4


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So, I recently bought my first 4K TV, which is an LG UM 7360 43 inches, and I couldn´t be happier with it. I watched some 4k/HDR content and I was truly blown away with it. I don´t think I´ll ever be able to go back to 1080p, lol.
However, I tried gaming with my base ps4 afterwards, and turned on "Ultra HDMI Deep Colour" to be able to use HDR content on the ps4 and tried to play MW a bit. I looked incredible. I was completely amazed at the colours, movement, and just the overall look of it. However, when I actually started playing I noticed HORRIBLE input lag. And I mean SERIOUS Input Lag, like "playing while high" levels of delay, which made the game almost unplayable. I then noticed that the input lag dissapeared If I disabled the HDR mode from the TV, or if I enabled the "game mode" in the TV on top of the HDR mode. However, that last solution made the HDR almost unnoticeable.It´s quite surprising, given that I´d read that this particular TV had an excelent input lag (it actually had a score of 9.1 in "rtings" for that particular category). I actually asked a friend, who´d just bought a Samsung Un RU7100, but slightly bigger (50 inches) although in the same price and quality range. He says he didn´t experience any input lag whatsoever with HDR modes, and I actually looked up his TV and it turns out the input lag was supposed to be quite worse than mine, so that also made me wonder what´s up with my TV. It´s quite frustrating I gotta say, I was really hoping to be able to make the most of the picture quality, since I plan on using it for 4k gaming and such. And it actually worries me that it´ll be like this when I get a PS5.Did this happen to anyone with a similar model? If so, were you able to fix it or improve it? Any color or settings adjustments I can make so as to make the HDR not suffer as much lag while keeping better colours (which is something "Game Mode" kinda disables.

Anyways, thanks for reading this far! Cheers!


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For low input lag game modes disables various picture processing features, you cannot avoid this.

Your TV by rtings own review says "HDR doesn't add much", in other words its not a high performance HDR display.

If I were to guess the HDR your seeing is video post processing features attempting to fake HDR output, so when you turn on HDR game mode all of these are turned off to lower input lag.

All I can suggest is
1) Run the PS4 HDR calibration and switch to HDR game mode while on its calibration screen so you can try to optimize HDR game mode output for the PS4

2) In HDR game mode change the colour gamut from auto to wide or extended if you want the colours to pop more.
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