LG UK6950PLA bluetooth and WIFI connection problems


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Hi all. I have owned the above tv for about 18 months and really happy. I am connected to a sonos sound bar via hdmi and also occasionally use bluetooth ear buds. So i am aware of the disabling HDMI ARC when using the ear buds (bit annoying but works). Also i am connected to a DECO wifi booster but wired and not wireless.

However i recently had to change the position of my DECO hub and decided to connect to the TV wirelessly. and this is where it gets messy. The first issue was trying to connect to the wireless WIFI. was trying for hours with no luck. The wifi connection on the TV just kept resetting and wouldnt find the connection. after a bit of searching i found that if i changed the country region in settings it actually found and connected. (this was after doing 3 or 4 factory resets of the TV.

All good until i then tried to set up the bluetooth headphones again after the last reset. Now it refuses to find any bluetooth connections. And also now after i have turned on the TV the day after connecting to WIFI. the WIFI is no longer connected and even changing country does nothing. Before i return to the wired connection can anybody help? also is the bluetooth connection problem linked to the WIFI issue? large coincidence if it isnt!

Many thanks Mickymack

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