LG TV's and Simplink settings


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I have 3 LG's at home. An OLED E6 and two smaller LCD models.

I have a Sky Q connected to the E6, and Sky Mini's connected to the LG LCD TV's.

When I turn on the main Sky Q box, the E6 turns on and switches to the HDMI port the Sky box is connected to, so you see the Sky menus immediately.

With the two LG LCD TV's, they both turn on when powering up the Sky Q mini boxes, but the TV's don't switch to the HDMI port.

Is this an issue with some LG TV's, or is it something to do with the Sky Q mini boxes?

The mini boxes all have the HDMI control option turned on.

Seems odd that LG would think turning on the TV but not switching to the HDMI that turned the TV on was useful. Any suggestions?

The two LG LCD TV's are an LG 28TN515S-PZ and an LG 32LM6300PLA.


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It's in your Title but you haven't said if you have Simplink turned on on the two LCD TV's.


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Try the Sky Q Mini's in a different HDMI port.
But if still no joy you'll just have to live with it.
HDMI CEC doesn't always behave as it should and it just isn’t LG TV's that are affected.


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Thanks. I quite agree on HDMI CEC. I have a Marantz AV receiver. It doesn't route Sky Q via ARC, so I now plug Sky Q direct into a free HDMI port on my LG E6 where it is completely reliable. Very annoying problems.

I tried the Sky minis in different HDMI ports already, no difference.
I think I'll take one of the Sky Q mini's and plug it into the E6. If the E6 switches on and switches to the correct HDMI port, that would demonstrate that issues is with the LCD TV's. Who knows, it might lead to a software update from LG. Will try it soon.

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