Question LG TV using HDMI ARC with Sonos


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So I have just purchased a Sonos Beam to go with my 2 Play:1s and it all sounds great. However...

Using the HDMI ARC port seems to cause a minor issue, that I cannot stop the sound coming out my Sonos kit.. ever!

To return my sound to my TV speakers I have to select it within my TV settings, which works for about 3 seconds before the sound returns to HDMI ARC.

Now I have spoken with Sonos and they said the TV must be calling for a signal returning the sound back to ARC.

Which of course means I cannot turn the Sonos sound off, which is a bit of pain as I really don't want surround sound 24/7. At low volumes it seems pointless, although nice and it can be enhanced by turning on the enhanced spoken dialogue option.

Still I would like a way to return the sound back to the TV speaker without having to unplug the ARC cable!

So are there any other LG TV owners out there with a Sonos Beam that can test this out and see if it's the same for them please?

My model is: 43UK6300PLB

Another issue seems to be that turning my SkyQ box on no longer turns the TV on, linked to the ARC port being active maybe? Simplink?


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It's a 55B8S. Only connections are the Beam and a Sky box.

The options on Sound menu are the same as yours with the addition of :

- Audio Out (Line out)
- Wired Headphones

These are located immediately below "Device Selection".

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Neil.

I've found a workaround by using the optical adapter, this stops the TV from switching back to ARC allowing me to select the TV speakers.

I believe this will only effect Alexa's ability to switch the TV on or off and maybe the volume controls from TV remotes. Not the end of the world especially as I only managed to get Alexa to switch the TV on and off once, afterwards she would say "ok" and blatantly ignore me. :rolleyes:

Anyone else have the issue with HDMI ARC?


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I may be late to the party, but I have the same issue. I found a solution by turning HDMI+ off.
I have a new issue, though. Since updating to the latest firmware, my TV speakers don't work when I toggle to them.
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it's in the General menu. I think the name is HDMILINK+; I'm not home to look, but it's something like that. Turn that guy off when you don't want to use it, and then on when you do.

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