LG TV "Turning off" unexpectedly.


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I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on this issue I'm having.

We bought an LG Smart TV in July 2012 (model no: 42LS570T-ZB) and have had no problems with it up until about two months ago when, for no apparant reason, the screen went blank and the sound goes off. It doesn't actually go on to stand by (no red light in the bottom right corner of the TV) but nevertheless the screen appeared to turn off.

Since then, this issue has become more frequent and now it's happening three to four times per week. The remedy is pretty simple. We have to turn the TV to standby, wait about 10 seconds and then switch it back on where it carries on working. It's just a bit frustrating if you're watching a movie or a sports event or something.

My set up is thus: TV connected directly to an external aerial; sound through an Onkyo amp & two speakers; PS4 connected but has never been switched on when this problem has occurred. It's also wired via ethernet to my home network where I stream media via Plex (the TV hasn't gone off whilst streaming - yet). This set up has always been the same since purchase (although PS3 before PS4 in Feb 2015).

I've reset the TV to factory settings after it did it a few times and also checked the power saving settings but these haven't remedied the problem.

I wonder if anyone has come across anything similar? Or should I try my luck with a replacement/repair? (It is out of warranty now).

Many thanks.


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Doesn't sound right.

As its new I'd swap if for a replacement. Repairs aren't always that great imo.


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Definitely out of warranty then.

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