LG TV SKY+ Remote code??


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We have been sat here for the last couple of hours trying to get a brand new LG 28" Widescreen tv to communicate with the SKY+ remote.

We have called Sky and tried codes from various web sites but unfortunately none work.

Does anyone have a code that will work on a Sky+ remote with an LG RE28FZ30RQ TV?

Any help would be greatfully received.




my lg tv works on the goldstar code in the sky manual. probably ( this may be a shock) because it is a Goldstar!


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LG (aka Lucky Goldstar) can be a problem make with SKY/SKY+.

I have the silver 20" one with the integrated VCR and have never found a working code for it. Tried many sites to no avail :(



I noted down a few of LG and Goldstar codes and tried them in the order of probability (my gut feeling) and I succeeded on 0206 as the code. Now I can change the volume as well as turn the TV to standby, I haven't yet worked out if I can toggle between AV1, AV2 and AV3 as I use all of them (sky+, DVD player and My PC's S-Video / audio)

Just posting the code in case someone else needs it, as I could not find it anywhere on the internet

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