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LG TV: Signal / Tuning Issue


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Hi There.w
We've got an LG 42" Smart TV, and moved house nearly three weeks ago.
Plugged the TV in and everything was there, no issues (every channel), no interference).
We've had a few retuning type requests come up recently, but as usual, as we hadn't had any signal issues, we ignored.
Yesterday we suddenly found that BBC1 was getting some intermittent interference, and then the same with BBC1 HD. A few other channels the same.
We did notice that our neighbor was outside trimming which coincides with the interference, but it then continued afterwards.
We retuned the TV but then it all went wrong.

A number of channels are missing (ITV, Channel 4 etc) which I presume is to do with poor MUX (or whatever it is called)?
BBC 1 now is impossible to watch (as is BBC2, BBC7 etc), but work fine on the HD channels.
I've retuned numerous time, but have the same issue every time.
We've even reset the TV and disconnected the aerial, retuned with no aerial and then retuned once connected again.

I've done a little research and we are having a new TV socket put in, but as of yet, it is not connected. This was also done on Saturday not yesterday.
We have also had some new lights put in the bathroom which meant new cables. These were turned on yesterday, but could this effect the TV in the way we are experiencing?
The plumber was also in the loft so wondering if perhaps the aerial was accidentally knocked, but not sure if this would cause the issue we are experiencing?

Looking for some advice before we call out an engineer to look at everything.
Are there any simple solutions?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Folks.

Just remembered one more thing. I had bought a new aerial cable and put it in yesterday.
Replaced it with the old aerial cable and all the channels are back.
However, we now have interference with all the channels except HD.

Really finding this very random.


There are many variables here, any of which may be responsible and need systematically eliminating.

If you have been fiddling with cables at the back of the set to change the aerial cable then likely you have disturbed the cables there.

The first possible cause that needs eliminating is that you have peripheral devices connected to the the TV via HDMI.
These HDMI leads are infamous for causing UHF reception difficulties which can be caused by moving HDMI cables just a small amount relative to other UHF cables / connectors / outlets.

Assuming you have such device(s), switch them all off, and disconnect all HDMI cables from the TV, connect the aerial solely to the TV and see if you get reliable TV reception under those conditions.
If you do, the problem is HDMI interference.
If you don't you know the problem lies elsewhere.

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