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Please help the stupidest, dumbest and thickest person in the world in attempting to set up his new TV remote control to control his new home cinema system.

He has tried for about an hour searching google and clicking on links, and doing this and doing that, and he now knows what code to type into every single machine in the world to control any single machine in the world from timbucktoo to madagascar.

However, what he is struggling to do is find out HOW to enter these amazing codes into his TV remote to control the home cinema system. He has a "STB" button on his TV remote... how does he get this "STB" button to control the home cinema system?

Google tells me there are 1.987.827.573.375 billion people in the world that know how to do this, but unfortunately he doesn't... and no one else in the world has this problem (as i said, he is pretty damn stupid). :suicide:


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the model of tv, and surround system would also help!!


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  • Switch the Cinema System ON
  • Push the STB button on the remote
  • press MENU and MUTE at the same time for appprox 2 seconds
  • Enter the code
  • press MENU to store.


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That is fantastic. Thanks.

Only problem now is it doesn't work. I've tried all the Goldstar, LG and Phillips codes I can find. Any other suggestions?


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sorry... i'm all out! ring LG?...

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