Lg TV & Pioneer Vsx 1131 input


Ok Im confused
Got this amp (5,1,2 set up)...

Sky Q 2tb 4k plugged into the tv directly (LGsm9000) as amp wont pass HDR HLG but thats fine as atmos from certain Sky movies is passed to amp via E arc so no loss there, all great.

CCTV is hdmi to TV directly, thats basic enough so fine again.

BD player plugged into the amp, ps4 into the amp, xbox one x to the amp ( 3 devices only) cctv and sky direct to TV.

Why does the Xbox One X not show on the TV menu when it is plugged to another input via hdmi to amp which is hdmi back to Tv as a normal set up as the BD player does?

To explain a bit more...

The xbox one x works in pass thru, also works with amp ON to the right setting input on amp, but I have to turn the amp on, press the correct Xbox input on AMP, then turn amp off to use xbox in pass thru.. all 4k and hdr is working fine on or off.

Its like the amp is confused by the Ps4 input and xbox one input on the tv but. both using seperate hdmi inputs on the amp ..all 3 inputs to amp (xbox, BD, PS4) are hdcp 2.2 .

I want to be able to turn the Xbox one X on and use it without turning the amp on or off as I can with the ps4.

Why does this auto amp input selection not occur when I switch the Xbox one x on.
Odd...also if I have the amp on and on the Xbox one on screen then turn the amp off, the TV input will say xbox1 first then Pioneer when I turn the amp off.

What the hell is going on.
Pic 2 and 3, xbox one x on, turned amp off, all working but tv OSD shows ps4 input?

Am I going wrong , is this a CEC issue ?


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anyone got any ideas?
I may just have to plug the xbox1 x to the tv Directly then the Earc will send atmos to the amp via hdmi, but I will lose the OSD from the amp.

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