LG tv or Console upgrade dilemma

Stephen WAWAW

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Hi . Apologies , I am not hugely tech savvy and I hopefully can obtain some great advice from some of the Forum experts. I enjoy gaming and I currently own a LG 55 inch C7 Oled tv and I have a Playstation 4 Pro hooked up. Naturally with this decent tv ( approx 3 years old now ) and the enhanced performance from the PS4 PRO , I get a very good gaming experience . Here’s my dilemma : I wish to upgrade however I cannot afford to purchase both a new TV and also purchase a new console . From personal choice I wish to stay with a LG 55” Oled and a Playstation console . I totally understand the latest LG tv’s ( LG C9 or LG CX for example ) and the latest console in PlayStation 5 ( when its availability improves ! ) have the latest great specs in input lag , refresh rates , HDR performance, HDMI & bandwidth etc etc . However , if I cannot afford both a new tv and a console - what is the best combination for a improved gaming experience ? Should I keep my existing LG C7 TV and hook it up to a new Playstation 5 ? Or get a new LG C9 or LG CX TV and hook it up to my existing Playstation 4 PRO ? Approx current retail price on LG C9 or CX is £1300 - £1500 ) , to buy a PS5 disc version console ( not from the scalpers ) approx £450. Yes , Ofcourse from a cost point of view I am hoping the option of keeping my existing LG C7 tv and purchasing a PS5 is a better gaming experience than purchasing new LG tv and keeping with my Playstation 4 Pro. Has anybody upgraded recently with the same or similar tech to myself and will either upgrade be a small or large noticable step up seeing that my current tv & gaming console are not too bad . Thankyou in anticipation of your advice !


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No brainer. Your current tv combined with a PS5 will be leaps and bounds better than a C9/CX with a PS4. The console first all day long.


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Yeah second that

PS5 will look great on C7. You might see a slight benefit in a C9/CX but nothing massive compared to a upgrade from PS4 to PS5

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