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Hi everyone.

I've recently set up a WD MyBookLive networked HDD (NAS). I've loaded some photos and videos and have come across some odd behaviour when trying to view through my LG 43" SMART TV.

Firstly, I have two share folders on the NAS, both with photos and videos in their sub directories, but when I go into the Photos and Videos app on my LG TV, I can only see contents from one of the folders.

Secondly, when trying to view videos I encountered the LG issues with video formats. I downloaded and ran a converter to change from AVI to MP4 (Full HD). I tried this on two videos and put the newly formatted copies into the same folder on the NAS, but only one of the videos appears in the list on my image server on the LG TV. I have confirmed that both videos are there, but can still only see one. Is there some issue with refresh.

Finally, I have applied user access rights to the shares in the NAS as a general precaution, but the LG TV doesn't seem to require any user credentials to be entered and can access the content straight away. Is this normal?

Many thanks in advance.



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I have the same issues.

My Playstation, Samsung QLED TV and Sony Bluray can see all music and movies on my Synology NAS.

My LG B8 can't see the FLAC music files and fails to see many of the video files and although I know it can't do FLAC I've yet to identify why it doesn't see some videos.

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It's an odd one,

Personally speaking I have thousands on media files stored on several drives on my NAS and all my media playback devices can see them via UPnP/DLNA (depending on the limitations of the playback device).

Perhaps a new media index scan might work - which can take hours if you have a great many files...



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DLNA media servers are not live viewings of whats on your server.

They are really just databases, the media server on the NAS is set to scan certain folders, this is what the database is generated from, then the client in this case the TV connects to the database and checks for compatible listings.

Some clients will attempt to filter out content they don't see as compatible but they can often get this wrong.

For the WD My Book Live, you need to add the other folder into the media server watch list in the NAS configuration page. As for not seeing the second mp4 video that could be any number of issues. Check that your NAS firmware is up to date and your using the WD media server, on the "Media" tab it should say DLNA media server not Twonky media server.

For the Synology you can turn on audio transcoding in it's settings which might make the .flac's playable at some cost to quality, the videos depends on whether the TV supports them and what the Synology server reports them as to the LG TV (it can miss label any kind of media).

With the Synology you have the advantage of replacing the stock server, Serviio is much more versatile, Plex will do too but I'd disable video transcoding unless your NAS supports it.

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