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Hello guys,

I have a problem with blacks being crushed on my TV LG 55SM8050PLC. For example, very noticeable it is in John Wick movie (watched from Netflix) where for example in the darker room there is no detail on his black suit. The fabric looks like it has black so deep as a wormhole, definitely not supposed to look like this.

I have noticed this on movie Dunkirk which I have been watching from an external source USB stick, there has been also this problem with the uniform of a soldier there were missing some details again crushed black, but when I switched the Black levels in setting (not sure if from low to high or otherwise), the issue was fixed, the uniform looked normal with all the details.

The problem, however, is that on Netflix and HBO Go, which I am mostly using on my TV I can not change the setting of black levels it is set to auto and I can not change, I am quite depressed about what to with this. I was thinking that the TV is faulty of it is not too bright or something.

But as I mentioned when watching from an external source when black levels can change the issue is solved immediately.

BTW this is not related only to HDR content since HBO go does not have HDR content yet and i have noticed it on almost every movie as well.

For example on the movie when they have a black tuxedo you the black on the suit is so black that it is just pure black you can not see any detail on fabric whatsoever, even though it is daylight scene.

Does anybody know how to fix it?

Btw I have connected tv via ethernet cable and Netflix and HBO is running via an app that was preinstalled on TV.

I am sure this is somehow related to black levels, if I have the choice to change as from an external source the issue would be solved.

Thank you very much for your answers.


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Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to override the forced auto option from what I can see.

What you could try is altering the gamma value and see if that can compensate as a workaround.


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Why there is no option to change black leves on these apps?
I am even thinking of buying some sort of external source as nvidia sheild apple tv.
If i connect to tv this external source and play netflix or hbo go via this external hardware would be there an option to change levels of black ?


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Yes you can manually alter the stock picture presets black level via HDMI sources (it should default to low in most).

I do not know why it doesn't allow this with the stock picture presets when using internal apps.


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Why on earth I can not change the level of Blacks on an internal apps this is just so depresing. I bet i am not the only one who has crushed Blacks. I am thinking of Google Chromecast 4 can somebody actually confrim that i would be able to change levels of Black with this external source? Thank you
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