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Hi I'm just looking for some advice please.

Attached is a photo of the fault our TV seems to have developed. Now the history is when we first got the TV (many years ago) it did have this fault after a few weeks. LG where due to come out to repair but never showed, however the day after the picture fixed itself and has been fine for years.

Just a few days ago it started again, and it flicks between a normal picture and the one you see pictured. It's almost like the picture is split into 5 or sometimes 8 separate panels. (Hopefully the picture is easier to understand than my description). It's definatley the TV as it's the same on all TV menus, home page etc.

If anyone has come across the problem or might know the issue I would love to hear your thoughts. As we are getting to a point where we are considering buying a new one.

Many thanks


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I'm not a TV repair guy but I think I read it was most likely the T-con board when you have distorted display, ghosting or duplication. Given the TV market today, even a budget TV will likely be better quality than your previous model and there are sure to be some deals this week. They're not unrepairable but I'd guess you'd be looking at a bill of at least £200 which is a good start on a new set.

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