Question LG TV and Netflix app. — HD audio lip sync issues, anyone?


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Yet another addition to the litany of issues with LG TV surfaced a couple of days ago, and I just wondered if anyone here with an LG TV has experienced anything similar.

My 49SM8500PLA TV is connected to my Yamaha YSP4100 soundbar. If I use the Netflix app. to watch something with Dolby Vision, everything is fine. However, the moment that I then switch to watching something in HD, the lip sync is way off. The lip sync is also way off if I watch the same material via the Netflix app. on my Roku/NowTV box which is connected to the TV via HDMI. However, if I use the Netflix app. on my Sony BR player, (video to TV, audio to sound bar) everything is fine. If I pull mains power to the TV to reset everything and then start Netflix, HD audio is then fine until I watch anything with DV, then jumping back to HD the lip sync is off again. Freeview lip sync is fine. I’ve yet to watch something on NowTV or Amazon since this problem surfaced.

The HDMI ARC connection is set to Passthrough. If I toggle that to Auto, then the lip sync improves, but still isn’t right. Power-cycling the soundbar makes no difference, nor does restarting the Netflix app., either from the Recents menu, or from within the app.

I suspect that this is something to do with the latest 5.00.22 firmware update, as I haven’t noticed this issue in the past, but this is the latest in a long line of similar audio issues. I haven’t talked to LG about this yet, and I will, but I already know what sort of answer I’ll get. I’m almost at the point now where I’m going to order a Sony XH9505 to replace the LG, but that will no doubt bring its own set of issues, and in spite of everything I’d rather stick with the LG. It’s just too flaky though. The TV needs looking at, but getting anything repaired at present is migh-on impossible, and of course the TV will come back covered in scratches and fingerprints as a bonus.

Any thoughts, insights or suggestions would be gratefully received!


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I have the same problem with lipsync out.

I have the LG OLED65C8PLA with a sonos soundbar.
Might get the LG65NANO956NA as newer 8K. I tried messing around the the MS settings but still the same. Annoying


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Yes mine is out as well, mainly on Sky though, it's a tad annoying, I am running Earc.


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My situation is pretty specific at present, and I need to investigate further. I’ll be trying some NowTV tonight, hopefully. If that’s OK, then it’s possibly a pure Netflix issue. If not, then the TV is borked and I’ll replace it as soon as I can afford to do so.

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