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This a 2-3yo LG Smart TV also with a SKM6Y sound bar and bass unit Here are the problems I am encountering
1-Am using spectrum Cable as my provider.Starting with both units turned off'-turn on cable box with spectrum remote I cant turn on TV with that remote LG'I then turn on TV with the LG remote
2I cant change channels with LG remote I can do that with spectrum remote
3 I Cant change vol with spectrum remote but can with LG remote
4 TV is set to internal speakers in settings.
5 When I switch to optical I lose sound,on the sound bar it used to display the volume level as it had done previously
I know a lot of connected issues I just cant figure it out to return it to its previous condition.(Sounds like I am talking about a sick patient)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.I thank you you all in advance
Pat in Fl


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You may be better off posting at avsforums.com
This is a UK-based forum and we don't have Spectrum cable here.

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