LG thinks it holds the Aces in OLED TV Game


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It's going to be the next big battleground in the global TV market but LG thinks its already ahead of the game as they countdown to the release of their 55inch 55EM960V later in the year; and when we say game, we are of course referring to their bitter rivals, and fellow Korean company, Samsung, who will have their own 55" OLED TV launching around the same time.

LG, the world's second-largest TV maker after Samsung, believes its technology will give it the edge in OLED TVs:

"We have been relatively slower in introducing new devices (than Samsung). But when it comes to OLED TV... we can run far faster than the rival," said Ro Seog-Ho, executive vice president of LG's TV business.

"I think there's a very high chance that we can win this game," he told AFP in an interview, earlier in the week.


Market researcher iSuppli estimates just 34,000 global sales of OLED sets this year, possibly growing to 2.1 million sets in 2015.

Ro said LG's version of the technology - called white OLED - would allow cheaper and faster mass-production of panels with more 'vivid images' than Samsung, which uses RGB technology. We're not sure if we necessary like the use of the word vivid there but we'll reserve judgement.

"It means we can increase panel yield rate faster than them and eventually cut prices faster," contineed Ho.

We're not particularly bothered who's first, it's who's best that matters to us and we literally can't wait get our hands on them for testing!


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I was wondering about this as welll.
For those who aren't aware, LG uses 'quantum dot' OLEDs where instead of making a panel with three different LEDs for each pixel, LG has three white LEDs and each has a 'quantum dot' which absorbs light and emits it at one wavelength far more efficiently than traditional flourescence can.
As long as the quantum dots can be printed easilty this should help to lower costs and avoid the risk of different organic compounds aging at different rates.


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Ahhh, I'm waiting for this like crazy and LG always says it will come out soon, but when exactly?? This TV was a bomb at the CES. I ‘m not sure about the mass production of this one since it costs like a fortune but still can't wait. I also really want to see what Samsung will make after this one. Interesting battle between those too.


This tv i want to see in flesh when its out....


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Correct me if I am wrong, but I have always seen Samsung as a manufacturing giant that has huge capacity to produce and sell at cheap prices. They make smart phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, home appliances, TVs in large amounts and try to lead market share almost in all of those areas. Even though LG has the second leading market share in TV industry, it keeps amazing customers with very high quality TVs. Ladies and gentlemen, OLED is just one of those technological changes.

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