LG SP9YA with my desktop PC and LG C1 TV


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Here's the setup in my computer room: Windows 11 PC (self-built, ASUS M/B). Nvidia RTX-2070. LG C1 55" TV. LG SP9YA soundbar. Everything's wired, no Wi-Fi. Path is Nvidia --->SP9YA (HDMI/eARC/CEC) ---> LG C1. Also attached is a TiVo Edge (HDMI to TV) and Apple TV 4K (2016 generation, also HDMI to TV).

The GOOD: Either the Apple TV or TiVo remote starts the TV in the correct connection. The TV remote functions beautifully with Apple TV.

The less good: LG gave up support some time ago for TiVo remote, so all interaction with the TiVo is via its own remote, the LG remote doesn't work there (I understand LG remotes used to do this).

The UGLY: The LG soundbar times out and powers down after a period. When I turn the computer on it has forgotten about the soundbar. It shows Nvidia Broadcast (connected to the soundbar normally) and LG TV SSCR2 as sound sources; either works UNLESS they've "forgotten" the soundbar. Right-clicking on either and choosing Test fixes the problem (until next time).

Waking up the soundbar doesn't solve the problem; as far as the computer's concerned it doesn't exist. The only fix is to open up the control panel version (not the "Settings" version) of the Windows Sound settings. Just right-clicking on the LG option livens it up. I'd be very happy if that step weren't necessary.


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Integrating a PC into an AV or Home Theater system can be a challenge as the PC expects you to connect it directly to a Display with full EDID capabilities.

You can usually try disabling power saving on the PC to keep it On/Video Out active or alternatively add a device between the PC and the AV kit which mimics the EDID from your Display.

See HDFury Dr HDMI 4K - The Media Factory



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Another option is Pulse Eights CEC adapter for PC's put that on your Nvidia GPU's output and it will give it more CEC capabilities, that might allow it to power on the sound bar.

The C1 and SP9YA can do PCM 5.1 via eARC if you wanted to connect the PC direct to the TV instead.

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