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LG soundbar - HDMI Arc not working


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Hey everyone,
Recently got myself an LG las455h soundbar and have connected up an Hdmi cable to the tv via the appropriate ports. (HDMI arc)

No sound.

Soundbar does work as wireless connection works but ive heard the hdmi connection is much better quality. Plus i dont want any risk of lag.

Tried alternative hdmi ports on both tv and soundbar as the soundbar has an in and out hdmi.

Also heard that best quality is reached but having ps3
plugged straight into soundbar but as there is only one hdmi output on ps3 i dont get how the video is displayed on the tv when the hdmi goes into the soundbar?

My tv is an Lg smart tv with an arc hdmi and two other hdmi.

Edit: tv setting for audio output has been changed to arc hdmi. This version of lg tv does not have a separate arc selection button

Any help would be much appreciated!


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I can't help you at all with your question, but want to ask how you rate the Bar for Bluetooth connection.
I fancy getting a bar for my tv, but would also like to use it for listening to spotify through an old tablet that I have lying around.


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Havnt tried the bluetooth yet as want to get the tv side sorted first but hopefully it will work great as i bought it for use with spotify just as much as for the tv/ps3!
will let you know soon though!


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Tried bluetooth tonight. Works perfectly! Easy to use and sounds great!
Unfortunately discovered that when soundbar is played through my youview box the volume isnt very loud and had to pump to 100 so my slightly hard of hearing dad could even hear the news.
So far not happy with soundbar but just needs alot of work done to it.....and alot of help from forums!


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Great replies guys, thanks for the help.

Had a look at link droidlike and looks like it might work. However my LG doesnt have the option to turn ARC on which is where some of my problems have begun. It definitely supports ARC though.

I think main problem could be the HDMI cable, it was a cheapy one I found in a drawer so didnt realise it had to be at least 1.4 and also support ARC. This could hopefully be the main problem! I have ordered a couple of Ibra cables from Amazon so fingers crossed! So with new cable and droidlike's link, could be in business!


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New hdmi cables arrived. 1.4 and arc compatible.

Connected from sounds bar arc port to hdmi arc port of tv. Selected arc hdmi audio selection on TV. There is no arc option on soundbar though so i leave it at 'lg tv'.

No sound.

I did however try the hdmi from ps3 to in hdmi port on soundbar and then arc out to tv. Worked! However im still at a loss for sound from youview box and HDD. Again wireless does work but volume is low and there is annoying high pitch noise which i suspect may be interference given the wireless nature.

Wish the arc just worked! Just want one cable from soundbar to tv... Sorted. I could go for optical but ive heard its not as good as hdmi. Plus there is a danger that wont work like the hdmi.


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you really have to enable simplink on your lg tv
lg calls arc in its way, that is, simplink !
if your lg tv is like mine lg 42la860v with netcast4.5(that is, not webos!)
then on your magic remote
push the smart button
you'll see in the bottom of your screen tv a lot of icons...go to the rìght
you'll find a green icon named simplink...click on it
it'll open a new window
and on the bottom of that window you can see a green button with 2 dots inside
it's named simplink

click on that green button and ...boom !...you can turn on simplink...which means ,,,,guess ?
arc !

try it and let know !
Last edited:


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I'm not disputing It may fix the OP's problem.
I'm correcting your mistake in stating that LG's name for Arc is Simplink...it isn't.


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ok my mistake, correct it as you like...I'm very sorry for that.
if you enable it
then arc will work !
strange uh ?

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