LG SN7CY With SPK8-S Rear Speakers


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Evening all.
Was seeing if anyone can share some light on some doubts I have with my soundbar, rear speakers set up.

I have a
LG 75NANO756PA 75" NanoCell 4K U ONE COLOUR
LG SPK8-S Rear speakers
LG UBK90 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray & DVD Player
(All HDMI wires are 2.1 48gps)

So I have got 1 HDMI cable running into the e-arc/arc at the back off my TV and the other end in ther HDMI out arc on the back of the sound bar.
The other HDMI cable is going from a HDMI port from the back of the tv and the other into the HDMI 1 out to tv.

I have got the SPK8-S wires synced up (dont get me started on the lLG app as it doesn't recognise my soundbar so can't use the app for anything)

So the doubts I have are when I watch a film on Disney+/Netflix I can only get the rear speaker to come on with Bass Blast or movies. So does this mean im only getting stero type quality and not dolby atmos.
Also when I watch a 4k blu ray it only says arc on the soundbar and don't feel I'm getting atmos at all.
Is the set up correct and im doing something wrong.

I dont even know how to get on dolby vision on my tv and best setting for HDR etc.

This has fried my brain all weekend and am very underwhelmed as a lot of time and finances went into the set up.
If anyone can help me with this I would be greatly appreciated.


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Use an android phone to use the app over Bluetooth 👍 also set the sound mode to Movie and see if it makes a difference.

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Connectivity - there should only be the single HDMI cable running between the TV (eARC) socket and the Soundbar (ARC) socket.

HDMI - you can then use any additional HDMI Inputs on the Soundbar or TV to connect up external Source devices (if you have any).

Atmos - is not encoded into all (much) of your content so unless you engage some form of Atmos up-mixer processing on the Soundbar you will hear stereo or 5.1 without the overhead channels being engaged.

Streaming - you will require premium subscriptions and access mostly English language versions of content if you want ‘native’ Atmos from the big streaming services.

Room - where you place the Soundbar and your seating are also key to achieving good Surround Sound and Immersive playback.



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AS Joe says "Connectivity" - there should only be the single quality HDMI cable running between the TV eARC socket and the Sound bar ARC socket.
LG Android App for sound bars works very well, this is a Bluetooth Connection
On the TV, play any sound content.
Connect/start the app on your smart phone for the sound bar, the s/bar will be in Bluetooth mode, BT as seen in the bar ,the sound will go off because the s/bar is in BT mode.
To control the s/bar in real time and get the sound back,, On the s/bar controller press the "Function" button and navigate to optical/ARC and select, you will hear the sound from the s/bar.
In the app, right hand top corner, select the" settings Icon">then select speaker settings, you will be able to adjust the speaker settings in real time. In the app "Surround Sound" must be selected.
Atmos.. to hear Atmos from your s/bar the TV should be in "Passthrough" in the advanced sound settings which lets the power of the s/bar decode the Atmos content.
Best Atmos content to adjust your speaker levels is Lost in Space ,Netflix. Google or search in your streaming device "Atmos"
If your are streaming 5.1 sound content then I would set the TV to PCM because there will be no Atmos content.

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