LG SN11RG - Subwoofer LED not lighting up


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Some days ago I realized that the bass of the bar was not as punchy as before. I checked the subwoofer and I saw that the LED was red. I unplugged its power cable for some minutes and plugged it in again but now the LED is always off. I tried everything: unplug again, press the PAIR button for some seconds, use the WL reset (volume to the MIN and then press the MUTE button for some seconds), press the PAIR button and then unplug both the bar and the subwoofer for some minutes.

None of these actions solved it. Any idea on what can be happening? Is it worth a call to the LG technical service?


I'm having a similar issue. Found bass was not working. Tried plugging/unplugging and no LED activity at all. Following.

Mr Protector

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Strangely, I’ve had this happen to me on three occasions since last week. No light on the subwoofer LED, or occasionally two quick green flashes on power up and then nothing.

I’ve been able to solve it each time by plugging the subwoofer into a different power socket (done tones having to move the sub). I know this solution makes no logical sense - but it just seems to work for me.

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