LG SN11RG soundbar no Dolby 5.1 output to rear speakers


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I am new to avforums so forgive me if I have created a new thread incorrectly or in the wrong section.

I have just bought an LG OLED65CX6LA.
At the same time I bought an LG SN11RG sound bar which had 30% off as I was buying the TV.

I thought a good idea to upgrade surround sound system having for 20 years an old Bose 5.1 system with coaxial optical connection.

I have managed to get the sound bar to produce Dolby Atmos OK after buying a UHD film via a built in app online on the LG tv and playing it through the tv connected to LG sound bar.

I can also get the rear speakers to produce sound if I press the permanent surround sound button on the iPhone LG app which is not true original sound just a false surround sound.

No matter what settings or connections I have on the TV or Soundbar ( I have tried all of them) I just cannot get the rear speaker to output 5.1 when playing movies through the built in Now app on the LG tv.

I can however get the same Now app on LG tv to play 5.1 on my Bose system via optical.

I feel I am going to have to try and get a refund for the sound bar due to this issue but a friend advised me that it is a setting issue and to post on this forum for help.

I have spent hours over several days trying different setting on the LG tv and LG sound bar.

Can anybody help please?


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Hi all,

It seems I have found the solution.

I started to look at the settings in the Now Tv app and didn’t know there was a sound setting. It was set to stereo so I selected surround. This resolved rear speaker issue so now there’s is now 5.1 sound through them.

My Old bose surround system was obviously producing a false surround system From stereo which totally confused me at the time.

The only thing I did but notice later is that one of the rear speaker did stop producing sound and dropped out. I could only seem to resolve and rectify this’s by playing a different film.

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