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Lg leading the way :)

Stuart Wright

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I think the video is a really valuable illustration of how it works. Good job, Steve and Phil, in producing it, and the review.

Prime Time

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It looks like a slick OS.

Can you configure the EPG TV Guide to adjust column width or show more channel rows ? The example picture that is shown in the review has the channel names truncated on the left hand side and information shown for only 5 channels. It would look better if you could see the full names of the channels on the left hand side and had the option to show more than 5 channels. I know that most people will probably be using their TV to display Sky or Virgin using their excellent EPGs but it would be nice if the EPG for the built in tuners was of a similar standard to Sky/Tivo.


More like a slick and better-than-is-usual-for-this-product-catagory human interface.

A slick OS would be an accessible platform with API. Is this a possibility?


I like to label the HDMI ports on both my AVR (Onkyo) and my TV (Sony) according to the electronics connected (HDMI 1 called PS4, HDMI 2 called Xbox One etc.), so whenever I press the info/display button the corresponding custom label is displayed on the screen.
Do LG TVs with webOS support the free renaming of the external ports (HDMI, Component etc.)?
Sony and Panasonic TVs do, Samsung only lets you choose from a list.


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They have NowTV integrated, wouldn't it be great if they could integrate the whole Sky platform, including the satellite feeds and Sky Go, into it as well.
That would be something.


I am not convinced.
I am not really interested in the Smart functions of the TV, so why would I need apps to display the functions (HDMI ports etc.) that I need? Unless those are also available via a normal menu.
Though as long as I can access them directly with the buttons of a normal remote (I have no use for the magic remote), I can live with it.

Fox McCloud

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An excellent looking platform. Very excited for it's future and only hope more apps come to it.

Will you be doing any reviews of the John Lewis versions of the LG TVs?


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As someone who's been using an LG 55" 4k TV, the WebOS I really find to be overly complicated for what should be a simple, trimmed down OS that's specialises for one thing. I also find the magic wand remote to be nowhere near as helpful to use as the old fashioned button remote that also came with the TV.


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I'd have to disagree. I think the magic remote integrates beautifully and intuitively with Webos. It is still possible to use the traditional remote if that is your preference, but the MR makes the navigation through the smarts very simple. Bear with it Simon


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I'm sorry but having a 2013 lg with smart hub then getting a webOS tv I have been very disappointed with webOS the smart hub was great giving instant access to the various systems with customisable cards that you select within 5 clicks of either remote to select any of the tv apps. Rather than having to scroll through all of the tv's apps, inputs and functions just View Now tv or you move now tv to the front and you have to scroll through twenty icons to get to the hdmi input.

But for me the biggest loss going to webOS was the connectivity of screen share
Having to put my TV into a mode to mirror my smart phone screen is a step backwards to the Hub version where If I turn on screen mirroring on the smartphone the tv is in the list, and ready to connect, Irrelevant to what im watching on the TV

The other big loss is in the webOS app on android on the smart hub tv I fire up the app and get the current tv show streamed to my smartphone with the ability to change the station this is no more with WebOS.
All I see on the web is how great webOS is but as shown its more like a disappointing sequel to a masterpiece

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